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Integrity and Honesty

To be honest i think i lie everyday or more often than i should. But i don't think we can ever justify lying even to protect someone( very cliche i know). I sometimes try to convince myself that they are just little "white" lies but who am i kidding, a lie is a lie. Lies keep growing like a ripple and before you know it you cant stop lying about everything and anything. I also usually lie to people in an attempt to spare their feelings for example i may receive a call from someone i don't feel particularly like talking to at that moment and i wont pick up and when the person calls back and i do, i will say i was busy. Don't know how to get out of that one yet! Any ideas?

As far as work is concerned sometimes i lie to clients to maintain a professional impression. A client could ask me abut something i may not know about and i will just lie to save face. Sometimes i also think about how to make extra cash on those so called side deals but i am torn because it does…


Hello everyone, Last week i felt really bad because i spent most of my savings on a business idea that has not panned out yet. I was really looking forward to getting some quick cash and kind of excited about it too. Unfortunately i have not yet made a sale and i am afraid i might not get back even the money i invested. But i have been thinking about it and i realized that its too soon to be disappointed. If you want something to work out you have to have the patience and will to see it through. And you have to learn to deal with disappointment by picking yourself up and moving on.


Everyday i am constantly tested on the virtue of humility. Yesterday i was really stressed at work because my actons are usually misunderstood by my co-worker and sometimes she gets really angry with me when i do things a certian way and not the way she expects me to. She is a bit hot tempered and easily irritated. It really hurts me when she gets angry and shouts at me but we all have our flaws.
I am learning to understand her character because its part of who she is.


Life is a journey and its fraught with many challenges and disappointments. My Life is certainly not where i want ti to be right now but its definitely progressing from where it was before. To be honest i want to be successful, i want a managerial position at work, i want my own business, i want to own my home and drive a car. I want a family and great friends. I know i will be successful even if i do not get all those things especially the material ones like lots of money because everyone's life is different and success should not be measured by the amount of money you have or your title but by your struggle everyday to face life's challenges and survive.

We also need to be patient with people because its easy to get irritated or angry with people when they do not meet our expectations or do things the way you want them to or in the time you want them to. Nobody is perfect so learn to let go of some thongs and sometimes people can surprise you. Everyone deserves a second chan…

Finding Love

To find someone you can share your life with is the most beautiful thing. Someone to share your hopes, your fears, some one who respects and cares for you. some one who will be there for you
through life's challenges and will stand by you no matter the situation. I want a great love in my life like that but the truth is not every one finds that in life but if you do never let go! I aspire to be that someone that can be all the above things to some one else and also a loyal friend.  I hope i do but people will always disappoint, so remember to love yourself first. I believe that the only person you can rely on to love you unconditionally is God!

Respect & Human Dignity

Hello Everyone, I just heard a story today morning about someone fighting another person. I am human and i understand that we are not perfect but fighting with one another shows a lack of respect and degrades human dignity. The truth is sometimes we get so angry and we just want to hit someone. When you are blinded by anger you will most likely do something you cannot take back. I don't know the best way to deal with anger because we are all different personalities but i usually do not engage someone when i am angry. When you are calm it helps to prevent the situation from escalating.


Yesterday i met a man who was betrayed by his brother-in-law. he had just come to do business in the city and his brother in law took all the money they had made together and abandoned him in the city. he had no money and no one he knew in the city. even the police didn't try to help him out. He really touched me and made me think hard. what would you do if you were in such a situation? We need to help out each other whenever we can.


Hello everyone, Today a person i work with had a little accident at home an could not make it. i did not call her to check up on her and a friend of mine said that was selfish of me. i feel bad about it so i really hope to be a better friend and christian next time.