Life is a journey and its fraught with many challenges and disappointments. My Life is certainly not where i want ti to be right now but its definitely progressing from where it was before. To be honest i want to be successful, i want a managerial position at work, i want my own business, i want to own my home and drive a car. I want a family and great friends. I know i will be successful even if i do not get all those things especially the material ones like lots of money because everyone's life is different and success should not be measured by the amount of money you have or your title but by your struggle everyday to face life's challenges and survive.

We also need to be patient with people because its easy to get irritated or angry with people when they do not meet our expectations or do things the way you want them to or in the time you want them to. Nobody is perfect so learn to let go of some thongs and sometimes people can surprise you. Everyone deserves a second chance right?

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