Integrity and Honesty

To be honest i think i lie everyday or more often than i should. But i don't think we can ever justify lying even to protect someone( very cliche i know). I sometimes try to convince myself that they are just little "white" lies but who am i kidding, a lie is a lie. Lies keep growing like a ripple and before you know it you cant stop lying about everything and anything. I also usually lie to people in an attempt to spare their feelings for example i may receive a call from someone i don't feel particularly like talking to at that moment and i wont pick up and when the person calls back and i do, i will say i was busy. Don't know how to get out of that one yet! Any ideas?

As far as work is concerned sometimes i lie to clients to maintain a professional impression. A client could ask me abut something i may not know about and i will just lie to save face. Sometimes i also think about how to make extra cash on those so called side deals but i am torn because it does not feel right being dishonest. You just have to keep fighting because everyone is shades of grey!Don't let yourself turn black!

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