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Earn your keep!

They say "the best things in life are free". Hmmm, obviously the person who wrote that was an "alien". That saying does not apply to things you want out of  life, material things yes but needs. You have to work hard for the things you want and need! There are no short cuts to wealth as people seem to think these days , such as winning the lottery.

There is also a saying that states "easy come, easy go." In life you will find that the things you work for and sweat for are the things that will last. Anything that you do not struggle to get will be gone and it will be like it slipped thoeugh your fingers. Like trying to hold onto to sand. It will be like you never got it in the first place.

We all want an easy time in life but thats not how it works! Do not be afraid of a little hard work because thats the only way you can get what you wnat and need. Besides it always makes you feel good when you get something that you worked hard for, right?

Respect yourself!

A professor in a higher institution of learning in Uganda recently stripped naked to protest being locked out of her office by another professor in the same institution. Sometimes we take things too far! What is it really worth it to do something like that for a job? Dd she really think about how this would affect the people around her? the students? her peers at work?

She has been made into the butt end of several jokes in the media and honestly lost all respect. In her mind, she had to make a statement to ensure that she out maneuvered the other professor she was feuding with! Wasn't it more about trying to heal her wounded pride?

We are not supposed to judge people without knowing the motive behind their actions.(only God knows that so we should not judge) However we need to understand that our actions have consequences and we have to set an example for young people especially. Respect has to be earned and if your actions portray you as less than deserving then no one will resp…


A while back, i watched  Lady Gaga performing her hit song" till it happens to you" at the Oscars. (hope that's the title) Anyway as much as i love the message behind the song, when someone is a victim, they need to be careful not to make that the sum total of their lives! The song seems to be saying, you cannot understand what i have been through until the same thing happens to you!

When someone goes through some truly heartbreaking circumstances in heir lives, there is the temptation to make your life all about what happened and failing to move on from it! While i understand that it is difficult to cope with emotional trauma and scars always remain, as a victim you need to fight so that that tragedy does not define you!

It helps certain people to talk about their emotional trauma's but some people do not feel comfortable letting the world know! Whatever your circumstances in life, you have the ability to rise above them and come back even stronger! Realize that its…

Addiction to drugs

Anyone can become an addict especially if they do not put some checks on certain behavior and learn to cope with certain circumstances in their lives. Sometimes addiction begins from misusing prescription drugs like aspirin and then before you know it, you feel like you cant get through the day without taking your aspirin!

We live in a world where any amount of pain is frowned on and if you can take it away with a few pills, why not? Sometimes people are really in excruciating pain but most of us don't know what that's like  because we absolutely cannot bear even a simple head ache or stomach ache or joint pain.

We also live on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers just to get through the day. How sad indeed! That's how we sometimes become addicts "innocently". People also want an "escape" from their lives and turn to drugs just to feel good for a few moments and have their lives destroyed totally after that!

We need to wake up and realize that life is …

Unfathomable Divine Mercy

Last Sunday was the feast of mercy and we are currently living in the year declared by pope Francis I to be the year of mercy! Do we realize what a great grace we have received from God? to be in the year of mercy and to actually celebrate a feast of mercy in the same year declared as a special year of mercy?

In case you have not heard about divine mercy devotion given to us by God through St. Faustina kowalska, a polish nun, let me enlighten you in my own simple words. Private Revelations are not a mandatory deposit of faith as stipulated by the roman Catholic church. However it is advisable to take the good and leave the rest. Jesus came to save us and our salvation is what he desires most! He however will not save us without our own co-operation. He wants our love given freely and that is the only way he will save you!

Mercy is truly God's greatest attribute. In the new testament there are numerous accounts of Jesus mercy whenever he interacted with the people. One of the most …