Addiction to drugs

Anyone can become an addict especially if they do not put some checks on certain behavior and learn to cope with certain circumstances in their lives. Sometimes addiction begins from misusing prescription drugs like aspirin and then before you know it, you feel like you cant get through the day without taking your aspirin!

We live in a world where any amount of pain is frowned on and if you can take it away with a few pills, why not? Sometimes people are really in excruciating pain but most of us don't know what that's like  because we absolutely cannot bear even a simple head ache or stomach ache or joint pain.

We also live on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers just to get through the day. How sad indeed! That's how we sometimes become addicts "innocently". People also want an "escape" from their lives and turn to drugs just to feel good for a few moments and have their lives destroyed totally after that!

We need to wake up and realize that life is full of challenges but more full of wonder and good things than the bad. We CANNOT escape from our lives! We just have to suck it up and keep moving forward and face those challenges head on. Nothing lasts forever, including your problems and worries. May God be the strength that gets you through the day! Amen.


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