A while back, i watched  Lady Gaga performing her hit song" till it happens to you" at the Oscars. (hope that's the title) Anyway as much as i love the message behind the song, when someone is a victim, they need to be careful not to make that the sum total of their lives! The song seems to be saying, you cannot understand what i have been through until the same thing happens to you!

When someone goes through some truly heartbreaking circumstances in heir lives, there is the temptation to make your life all about what happened and failing to move on from it! While i understand that it is difficult to cope with emotional trauma and scars always remain, as a victim you need to fight so that that tragedy does not define you!

It helps certain people to talk about their emotional trauma's but some people do not feel comfortable letting the world know! Whatever your circumstances in life, you have the ability to rise above them and come back even stronger! Realize that its not your fault, bad things do happen all the time, you are not alone and you will get through this! God bless you!


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