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The violence caused by sin......

Human life is the most precious gift, a gift freely given by God to us who are so undeserving of it!
 Do we ever stop to ponder about the value of life? There is a quote that says" there is a difference between a human being and being human"

Oh my how the world has changed! In my country today (Uganda), thugs will not just take all your belongings but will beat you to a pulp as well. You would even be considered lucky to escape with your life! What happened to us? When did we lose sight of the value of life and replace it with mere things?

In our materialistic lifestyles, we use people and treasure things! The world today is engulfed in cycles of violence. Everyday someone is viciously assualted, raped, murdered, kidanapped or robbed! This is the result of a humanity lacking in God's grace. We have ignored God and moved further and further away from his teaching. This is what you are , oh seemingly enlightened humanity, worse than the beasts!

As per the requests of The B…

What is my legacy?

We often times do not want to think about death but it is a part of our lives and when we think about death, it forces us to think about how we have lived our lives! What is your true legacy? What will you leave behind even after your are gone? I believe in life after death but that life will be greatly determined by the lives we have lived here on earth!

Recently i was watching a video showing a speech given by Oprah winfrey at a college graduation. In this speech, Oprah gave a wonderful speech about life and legacy. She says being wealthy and able to buy so many material things will NOT fulfill you! Living a life of service, of giving ones whole self to others, will!

She also says she once had a conversation with Maya Angelou in which she tells her that her legacy will be the school she built in South Africa. Maya replies with great wisdom and says, "you have no idea what your legacy will be!" Oprah then says she wants to leave the audience with the final words of wisdom, …

The power of love...........

As i watched the recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, i was pleasantly surprised by the homily from Reverend Michael Curry. I could see that many of the guests in the audience were disturbed. To be honest, it made me uneasy but in a good way. His words seemed to penetrate the heart and his powerful message could not be ignored!

His homily touched on a number of subjects including the history of slavery in the United states, the industrial revolution and the discovery of fire...e.t.c. But the main theme was the power of love and not just "romantic love" but the redemptive power of love. The world we live in today is so full of selfishness and hatred, there is alot of bitterness and lack of compassion for one another. As i write this today, my country Uganda has been plagued by shootings of public figures and numerous kidnaps. We used to be such a peaceful people but oh how things have changed!

This world needs to rediscover love in all its forms and as Reverend Cu…