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Reverence for God

Some people do not believe in God as the Supreme being and author of all life and creation. Honestly, i do not understand how people can see the world and all its beauty and mystery and still not believe in God. A lot of people take God's name in vain these days. Some people even joke about it and use God's name to swear! And worst of all, some of these people are actually Christians!

We need to remember that one of God's commandments is "You shall not take the Lord's name in Vain". God's name is most Holy and should not be used in idle talk and swearing or jokes. We are calling down God's wrath and justice on us when we disrespect his Holy name.Another way we disrespect God is by working on Sunday. God gave us all the other days in the week to work but Sunday is a day of rest, of worship and thanksgiving to God.

God is merciful but he is also just and if we do not turn to him and have recourse to his mercy, we will not escape his justice!

One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church

I just have to say that i am proud to be Roman Catholic! With the recent synod of catholic bishops approaching, there has been a lot of speculation by the media about changes within the church such as allowing re-married Catholics to receive communion. In this changing world, some people are expectant that the church will change as well.

However the Roman Catholic church will not change its stance on certain issues like abortion, divorce, homosexuality, fornication and holy communion just to suit us. People may say that the church is rigid and conservative but the church is not going to dilute our faith for cheap popularity!
This church founded by Christ himself has remained firm in its standards of morality and spiritual guidance on the way its members should live their lives! We will not change just so that we can make you feel good about yourself when you know you are doing something wrong.

Jesus said the church he built will prevail and nothing will destroy what he has built. We w…

This Broken World

Its a sad title i know but who am i kidding? The World we live in is broken, shattered by our own selfish actions. I have been following the news about the outbreak of ebola in west africa and the stories are truly heartbreaking. The Governments who could have put a stop to this earlier are just waking up now to the terrible reality it has become. (probably because a few white people caught the virus). We should be ashamed of ourselves! How can we sleep soundly at night knowing that somewhere out there someone is dying in thier own blood and excrement, withour any help or hope of help?

I was recently also reading about the torrential rains in asia which are causing flooding and death to thousands of people afflicted in the region not to mention terrible earth quakes. Sounds very apocalyptic right? Some people do not believe in God but i do! I believe we are now suffering greatly because of our false belief that Science is our God and everything can be achieved through scientific means…

Be grateful for what you have

Yesterday i was feeling abit depressed and blue. I do not know why honest;y because i do not have a very serious reason to be feeling blue. Life is a struggle everyday for everyone but some people are suffering more than others. Sad but very true. I usually pass by some homeless people on my way to work and it gets me thinking what right do u have to be blue?

There are a lot of people who are truly suffering in this world but they move on with their burdens. On Sunday the priest gave a homily in my local church and he said we are always complaining. "There is not enough salt in my food", why are people in my way?, Its too damn hot these days, Its too freaking cold and the list goes on and on. We always look for things to complain about even if there are basically none!

We all need to learn to appreciate Life even when we are not doing well. Look around you, and you will see many things to be grateful for. Breathing comes naturally to us but be grateful that you can draw air …

We need each other!

Did you greet your neighbor as you left for work? Did you greet the people you stay with? We walk past each other on the street in a hurry sometimes never even stopping to say hello. Sometimes people say hello, how are you doing and we reply that we are fine. But are we really ok?

I think we need to really look deeper into the lives of those around us. Sometimes people say they are ok but they are not. We all need someone to confide in. People may not always offer help but you feel better when you talk to someone when you are burdened with something. I read somewhere on the internet about a man who helped a pregnant women who was suicidal. It was exhausting but he got her through that difficult time and now she cant remember why she wanted to take her life.

We go through dark times and depressions sometimes. Life is getting harder and harder. We build wall fences around our houses and are suspicious of our neighbors and even family members or the people we live with. Sometimes when we…

You cannot please everyone

Today i was reading about Pope Francis' actions of embracing ill and disabled people. When i got down to read the comments section, i was baffled by the amount of negative comments. People were trying to disregard his actions as a publicity stunt. Honestly why are people such wet blankets?

When someone does something, it depends on the intention behind it. You are not God to read human hearts and minds. How do you know why people do the things they do?  True,  people can be hypocritical and manipulative but the truth always come out. Why must we always judge the actions of others especially when they seem to be well intentioned?

You cannot please everyone! These days when image and public relations are everything, people always try to project an image that they think that others will admire and love. Wake up people. You will never be able to please everyone! Live your life as you see fit as long as your conscience is clear. Don't be afraid to stand up for your beliefs and idea…

Bitterness and Reconciliation

The theme of yesterday's readings in church was reconciliation. There can be no real justice without reconciliation. Truth is it is really hard to keep forgiving someone who keeps on hurting us and even harder to forget.  The first thing you need to do is to accept that we are upset and tell the person that their actions are hurtful.

Let us not keep our feelings bottled inside and allow them to fester into bitterness and resentment. Trust me, bitterness is not even good for your health and can actually result into illness. Holding on to your feelings of hatred can also result in being irritable and angry with other people around you and you might transfer your feelings of bitterness onto others.

Sometimes, i get really angry but i usually keep quiet but when i get a moment alone, i have a good cry! ("I am not ashamed to admit it"). You have to let out your emotions or you will have an emotional breakdown sooner or later. Everyone makes mistakes. We need to learn to apolo…

Science and Morality

Yesterday i read a horrific article about how most modern vaccines where created using tissues from aborted fetuses. I was truly disgusted and felt sick in my gut. I know that these vaccines have saved many children's lives over the years but at what cost?  The dignity of human beings given to us by God is being completely disregarded!

How dare we think everything is permissible as long as it satisfies our selfish actions. If you dont like something about your body, change it through science("plastic surgery"). Seriously? If you are not ready to have children, abort the pregnancy. Tell yourself that its only a tiny thing and not yet a person. Hello? We need a serious wake up call! You are a murderer when you kill that innocent unborn child! Even worse you are a selfish murderer if you do it because you feel you are not ready to have a child! I sympathise with women who conceive out of rape and those whose lives are threatened by the pregnancy.  My only advice in those ex…

The Dignity of a Woman

Over the weekend i visited a cousin of mine and she told me an interesting but sad experience she had on friday last week. She is a univesrsity student and she was going to attend a wedding that day. She dressed up in her short bubble dress and left with her friend to attend the party. When she disembarked within downtown kampala, a boda rider started heckling her. He asked her whether she thought she was dressed. Within minutes a crowd had gathered around her and she was humiliated. There was a lady in a nearby shop who helped her and shielded her from the crowd. I laughed alot when she told me about it but i was also really sorry she had to be embarassed like that.

In Africa, Uganda sometimes women are publicly shamed by idle men or hooligans within the city because of how the men perceive them to be dressed. It is true that women's bodies attract attention by the very fact of their nature. However a woman should not have to be humiliated for her choice of clothing. She should n…