Bitterness and Reconciliation

The theme of yesterday's readings in church was reconciliation. There can be no real justice without reconciliation. Truth is it is really hard to keep forgiving someone who keeps on hurting us and even harder to forget.  The first thing you need to do is to accept that we are upset and tell the person that their actions are hurtful.

Let us not keep our feelings bottled inside and allow them to fester into bitterness and resentment. Trust me, bitterness is not even good for your health and can actually result into illness. Holding on to your feelings of hatred can also result in being irritable and angry with other people around you and you might transfer your feelings of bitterness onto others.

Sometimes, i get really angry but i usually keep quiet but when i get a moment alone, i have a good cry! ("I am not ashamed to admit it"). You have to let out your emotions or you will have an emotional breakdown sooner or later. Everyone makes mistakes. We need to learn to apologize when we have made one and accept other people's apologies.  Letting go of bitterness is good for your heart and soul.

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