Science and Morality

Yesterday i read a horrific article about how most modern vaccines where created using tissues from aborted fetuses. I was truly disgusted and felt sick in my gut. I know that these vaccines have saved many children's lives over the years but at what cost?  The dignity of human beings given to us by God is being completely disregarded!

How dare we think everything is permissible as long as it satisfies our selfish actions. If you dont like something about your body, change it through science("plastic surgery"). Seriously? If you are not ready to have children, abort the pregnancy. Tell yourself that its only a tiny thing and not yet a person. Hello? We need a serious wake up call! You are a murderer when you kill that innocent unborn child! Even worse you are a selfish murderer if you do it because you feel you are not ready to have a child! I sympathise with women who conceive out of rape and those whose lives are threatened by the pregnancy.  My only advice in those extreme situations is to seek couselling and pray!

However let us not delude ourselves into living a life thinking selfishly of ourselves and not wanting to accept the consequences of our actions. Science is not God! I was watching a program on TV about an "idiot" who is keeping his grandfather on ice because apparently science will in future find a way to make humans immortal or find a cure for death. WHAT AN IDIOT! We were never meant to live forever , that is our bodies. We do have souls which will live on though! Do not get me started on cloning because that is another thing that makes me livid! We need to accept our limits as human beings and learn to draw a line.  We are not gods and we will never be! We are already created next to God in his dignity and majesty! Pride comes before a fall! We are dangerously close to destroying humanity if we do not change our ways! May God help us all!

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