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The Life of an Apostle!

The below quote is from first corinthians about what it means to live as an apostle and gives food for thought especially for christians today.

1 Corinthians 4:9-13 I think, God has exhibited us apostles last of all, as men condemned to death; because we have become a spectacle to the world, both to angels and to men.10 We are fools for Christ’s sake, but you are prudent in Christ; we are weak, but you are strong; you are distinguished, but we are without honor. 11 To this present hour we are both hungry and thirsty, and are poorly clothed, and are roughly treated, and are homeless; 12 and we toil, working with our own hands; when we are reviled, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure; 13 when we are slandered, we try to conciliate; we have become as the scum of the world, the dregs of all things, even until now.
Today the world is filled with so many preachers and churches / christian denominations focused on the so called "prosperity Gospel". They seem to be too cen…

Shades of gray!

When i was a child, things were much easier! I viewed things with that beautiful innocence that only children posess! People were either good or bad and their actions were other benevolent or malicious. Oh, how i long for those days of past innocence but alas, they are long gone! There is a reason human beings make flawed judgements, its because they are not able to see all the angles! That is why judgement is best reserved for God alone!

Life is in varying shades of gray, not black and white. I still find it difficult sometimes to accept people's actions. Honestly when i think about the people who murder in cold blood, i just cannot understand that! I recall the killing of innocent children in a kindergarten in the united states and i am at a loss for words! How can someone possibly justify that? What was going through their minds? Do they feel like you and me?

A million questions left unanswered! The truth is, we cannot understand all the actions other people do. We cannot know …

Living by faith!

Abraham was called by God out of his native land to go to a land that the Lord would show him. He didnt know where this land was or what he would find there but he packed up and left at God's command. What great faith! A true inspiration to us all.

In life we often times have to live by faith. Some people do not know when their next meal will be, or where they will sleep for the night but they keep moving. They truly inspire me as i seem to have so much and yet i worry so much. It makes me realize how frivolous i can be!

There is also the temptation to ask where is God when faced with trials. Has he abandoned me? Does he still care for me? We forget all the good things we have been enjoying previously. Life is not a plateau! Its a roller coaster filled with highs and lows! Enjoy and smile  when you are in a happy phase and cry when you get to a sad phase but dont let it dampen your spirits. Even when you are suffering, God still cares for you and your suffering has purpose.

They s…

Choose your battles!

Yesterday's Gospel reading in church was about Jesus teaching on revenge. Jesus says do not take an eye for an eye. If someone slaps you, turn the other cheek as well! Honeslty as human beings its very difficult to do that but when you sit and reflect for a monent, you will realise the wisdom behind Christ's words.

You do not need to fight every single battle in life! Let God fight for you, he knows best how to fight for you! Sometimes its best to be silent when faced with confrontations. Dont give in to anger when someone hurts or insults you. Our first impulse is usually to lash out. We need to learn how to respond to situations and people not just react blindly. It is how we respond that creates chaos or peace!

Its not worth it being bitter and festering resentment in our hearts over something someone did or didnt do to us. Let it go. You are actually stronger when you do not react in anger. It takes a lot of strength to be the better person and it actually gives the aggres…

The wisdom of silence

Recently a friend sent me a wise quote on social media. It says :

"Silence is the fence around wisdom!
If your foot slips,
You can always regain your balance..
But if your tongue slips,
You can never recall the words...

Someone once told me that there is a reason God created as with one mouth and two ears. We need to learn to listen more and speak less! There is a famous saying that says "sticks and stones may break my bones but words..." I think it was meant to encourage people not to pay too much attention to what others say about them but words have the power to hurt or heal.

How many careless rumors have ruined people's reputations, relationships, work? That is why we should never indulge in gossip. You do not know all the facts. Mind your own business is a good motto for us! Unecessary curiosity in the affairs of others is a very bad vice. Remeber the saying "curiosity killed the cat!" Let us all try to be watchful of what we say and practice the wisd…

Dont let the bullies win!

I must say that it is very unfair and truly a disgrace for countries or people to bully others. Here i am speaking of the recent tensions between Qatar and her neighbours especially Saudi Arabia. What was the justification for cutting all relations with Qatar? And why should the others (Egypt, U.A.E, Bahrain) follow Saudi Arabia blindly?

One cruel decision has caused such a mess. People's lives have been ruined. Apparently all Qatari nationals were given a few days to leave Saudi Arabia. Every nation is sovereign and we must respect their independence. That being said, leaders need to understand that their decisions affect a multitude of people. Being a good leader means looking at the ripple effect of your actions and how they will ultimately affect the people under you.

I sympathise with Qatar and its nationals. I say do not let the bullies win, stand your ground and fight the bullies. They will not win. Shame on those who would seek to crush people under the heel of tryanny! Go…

The dignity of a mother!

I was recently reading an article that had something very disturbing indeed. A "feminist" writer for the daily telegraph wrote that it should be illegal in Australia for mothers to stay at home once their children are old enough to go to school. Apparently, in the name of feminism, she is advocating for gender equality in the work place and thinks too many mothers are staying home instead of going out and getting jobs!

This is very sad indeed and even sadder because its a woman thinking that way. I dont understand why so called "feminists" need to be so aggressive. I know women have been treated unfairly and even cruelly by society in the past and even today but there is no justification for this! Feminists seem to want to keep pushing the line just to get back at society for years of being mistreated.

We cannot change the past, we can only look to the future! A mother's choice to stay home and raise her children must never be taken from her and its her choice.…

The gift of a child!

Children are gifts from God whether you want to believe it or not! In our day and age today, we like to think we can force God's hand as did Adam when man fell from Grace. There is even apparently research into trying to help transgender people have biological children! How foolish man is in thinking he can do better than his creator!

Some couples try to have children but are not able to in their lifetimes! Some eventually have a child when they least expect it even when modern medicine has written them off! It is only God who in his mercy and infinite wisdom gives you the gift of a child when the time is right. Not before. We have so may fertility doctors and centres these days but we do not know the ugly side behind them?

How much pain the patient goes through? How much exhaustion? And do you know how many embryos are destroyed just to make one child? Is it really worth it? Will you really be happy knowing what you had to sacrifice to have that child? We are turning into monster…

Riding the tide!

Life is like the tide, sometimes its calm and sometimes its rough. You have to learn how to go with the flow of the tide or you will break! We often do not realize that stress is like a cancer, it eats away at us from the inside and yes, it often causes disease such as high blood pressure.

In the life we live on earth, perpertual bliss is a myth! Let us not deceive oursleves into thinking that wealth, family, a good job, health, beauty, nice things...will make us happy! I am not saying you cannot be happy in this life, i am saying you have to learn to smile through your tears.

Yesterday i was sent an interesting life quote . One of the key points was that some  bad things in life are meant to help you be better. For example , you need people who will disappoint you so you can put all your trust in God. You need people who will say NO to you so you can learn to be independent.

The word breakthrough is interesting and shows you that you have to reach a breaking point and get through it.…

A peaceful disposition comes with meekness!

Yesterday i was reading an isnspiring spiritual article about how peace is linked to humility. I very much agree with that. In our so called modern world today, everything is geared to a fast pace which tends to cause severe anxiety and stress. No wonder we have so many people with high blood pressure today! Our stress levels keep increasing every passing day!

Another cause of anxiety is that, we as human beings do not want to accept failure as a learning point. I am not refering to the self pity that we want to indulge in. No one should say they are a failure but we should not be so depressed and give up when we fail. To err is human. We are human beings and we make mistakes and we are weak. Yes, accept that when you fall but gather yourself and get back up, Dont stay sprawled on the ground!

This applies especially also to our moral failings. As humans, we are weak and can fall prey to temptations often. We need to recognise our human weakness and lean on God who will give us his str…

Tensions in the East!

There has been a recent flare up of tensions between the United States and North Korea. North Korea's nuclear ambitions are also causing tension among her immediate neighbors , especailly South Korea whose city of Seoul could be caught in the middle of a war. War is not new and humans have been fighting wars since the dawn of time. However, we seem to have learnt very few lessons from our brutal and bloody past!

How many cruel and harsh realities war brings! Those who have lived through wars must often live with the scars of old wounds that might never truly heal. In times of war, there is even less value placed on human lives and society descends into a chaos. Property is destroyed and progress is set back but oh, how much blood is shed? How many tears are shed? How may sleepless nights and days filled with anxiety?

In my mind, i think North Korea and other nuclear powers display of weaponry seems to boast to another nation , " I can use these weapons to KILL and destroy so …

For Love of me.......

Isaiah 50 is quoted as saying :

"I offered my back to those who struck me, my cheeks to those who tore at my beard; I did not hide my face from issults and spittle."

It is Holy week again and i am reminded of another verse from Isaiah 53:

"But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed."

Oh what a terrible and immeasurable price was paid for my salvation and yours! It was paid for in blood and how much innocent blood was spilt to save us, and yet we live as if we do not care at all! There is indeed no love greater than that of God humiliating himself to become human and die the most curel death, abandoned and wounded. Torn apart inside and out and his sacrifice is still ignored by so many even today! 

When i contemplate Jesus on the cross, I am ashamed of my very many sins. When i see the stripes on his back, i am horrified but i remember that he willingly submitte…

Love and expectations!

I like the quote i read today on my cousins's profile photo on whats app. It is a quote from Rashawn Copeland that says, " There's a beauty in being rejected, misunderstood, unseen and unsupported by teaches you to rely on God for everything."

It is abit sad but depending on how you look at it, true and inspiring!  To be honest, i learnt again recently, that the only person, you csn rely on is God and yourself!  People will always disappoint you. If you want to expect something , then expect that. It is however not an excuse for people to trat you badly anf get away with it. If someone has done something that offends or hurts you, speak up!

No one is perfect, dont expect that people will treat you well and care for you, even those closest to you like famuly. In life, we need to be realistic and not have too many expectations from people. Sometimes you find someone who you can trust and who loves you and they are very rare indeed but even people like that…

Forgiveness brings inner healing!

In this unique time of lent, we are reminded of the quality of mercy and forgiveness. Human beings generally tend to hold grudges and find it hard to forgive one another, even for small slights. We also tend to dump our feelings on someone else. Sometimes we have been upset by a certian situation or person and we transfer our feelings onto someone who didnt even cause those feelings in the first place.

We need to learn that bitterness and resentment cause inner wounds that we may not be able to see but are no less real! Those wounds keep festering the longer you hold on to a grudge and will eventually posion and destroy you. Who are you realy hurting by holding on to unforgiveness? Only yourself.

When someone hurts you and you let go of it and even pray for that person, you actually heal inside and you can make a positive chnage in the person who hurt you! You cannot fight fire with fire. Where does the cycle of vengeance end if you decide to repay injury for injury , insult for insul…

Blood is sacred!

Last week, one of the pillars of our community in kampala, a senior police officer was brutally murdered by hit men who shot him and his driver as he left for work. No one should lose their lives senselessy regardless of what position they hold in society. All human life is dignified and human blood is sacred!

People do not realize that the blood that was spilt cries out to God for vengeance and the lord says "vengeance is mine!" He is survuved by his pregnant widow and their little children. It is heartbreaking indeed, how can a human being do that to another human being? How heartless can you be? Our local priest gave us the answer in his homily. It is because people are so far removed from God.

Our world has continued to spiral despite our so called progress and technological advancement. When we shut God out, this is what happens. We are even worse than beasts and animals! What a shame indeed! Let us be reminded this lent to turn back to him who gives peace and life. Tur…

Lent is here!

In this season we are reminded of some key pillars that as christians we ought to observe.
They are :
Fasting / sacrificeAlms givingPrayerMercy and forgiveness.  Our local priest in his homily last week reminded us that sometimes out prayers are not answered because we are neglecting the other pillars and concentrating on fasting. If you cannot express mercy to the people around you and are holding on to grudges then your fasting and prayer are rendered useless!

Remember that Jesus says "if you are at the altar ready to present a gift to the lord and remember that you are not on good terms with your neighbor, leave the gift there and go and first make peace with him." Also remember to give something to those in need, they are so many who feel alone and neglected in this world. Reach out to them. This is the time to turn back to our God. He is always waiting for you. God bless you all!

Getting everything you want!

In life, we always want something. Some might even say we want things we think we cant have or things that wie think will make us happy. George benard shaw is quoted as saying " there are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire, the other is to gain it!" The wisdom that comes with age is that one day, we will thank God for not giving us everything we asked for!

Sometimes we get the things we really wanted, only to realise, we didnt really need it or it does not truly makes us happy. Other times we get what we want but it only makes us greedy and nothing seems to satisfy us, we keep wanting more! (sigh)

We need to learn to appreciate all the things in life we take for granted. We have everything we need and it is within our grasp to get it. Do not spend your life chasing after material things. They will never make you happy and they cannot fill that empty feeling. That feeling that something is missing. Only God can make you whole andf give you peace! Ou…

A faith that endures!

Yesterday was the feast of St. Peter's chair. I see alot of myself and humanity in the peter before Christ's death. He truly loved Jesus above all things but he was still so impetuous and weighed down by our human weaknesses. But Jesus was patient with him and entrusted him the leadership of his church.

St. Peter's basilica in Rome is actually built on the ossified bones of peter the apostle. Jesus words are always true and absolute. "You are Peter and on this rock, i will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." We hear alot about the catholic church in the media and around us. Some people are even speaking of a schism within the church and accusing the pope of heresy.

As Catholic christians, our duty is to pray for the church and the pope and direct our efforts towards unity not division. We all know that division comes from the evil one. May you pour out your Holy Spirit on your church Lord and keep us united in love and service tow…

Love languages!

Gary chapman wrote an amazing book about the five languages of love. According to him, people express their love by : (not limited to one)

words of affirmationquality timereceiving giftsacts of servicephysical touch.
Personally, i agree with him and he says we need to understand each others love languages in order to maintain and develop strong longlasting relationships. We can only break down the barriers in our relationships when we understand each others languages of love.

People are different and even if you discover that your partner prefers one over the other, do not neglect the others. Many people i think, actually like all of the above. (me inclusive) Take the time to discover what exactly makes your partner feel special and focus on it! Our relationships are falling into ruin because we expect that we can just have good ones without trying. You have to put in work if you want to make your relationship good! God bless you all!

Let us celebrate love!

Today is valentine's day.  St. valentine was a martyr , killed for marrying christian couples in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Today is supposed to be a celebration of true love and how indeed it does conquer all! Its not about fancy dinners and gifts or giving in to your passions.

We as human beings tend to ruin certain holidays by placing unecessary anxiety and pressures on a day. Ofcourse companies prey on this anxiety and make it all about spenidng on so many useless things apparently to make people feel special. Things do not make you special, its how people treat you that ulitmately makes you feel special.

Lets not buy into the hype. Treat your loved ones right every single moment you spend with them and be there for them when they need you the most. Encourage them when they need faith and comfort them when they are grieving. Thats what it means to love someone. God bless you all as you celebrate love today!

The strength of the will!

"Where there is a will, there is a way", so the famous saying goes. Your mind is truly poweful and even the way you think, will utltimately shape your life. That is why it is important to rid yourself of negative emotions and thoughts and not to dwell on life's worries. Worry only makes things worse than they already are!

Take the example of certain illnesses. Some sicknesses are tough to get healed from and if you do not fight them, they will ultimately lead to your death. You have to stay positive even when all the odds are stacked against you. If you do not have faith in yourself, how do you expect others to folow suit? Sometimes people will not see things unless you make them.

Your life is in your hands. Your dreams can be achieved! You can be whatever you want to be. You can beat that addiction! Everything ultimatley depends on you. Who do i want to be and what do i want out of life? Ask yourself and then decide. You have the power to do it. If you want to chnage th…

Victim of Love!

The fire of divine love is an unquenchable flame that burns for each one of us. We cannot even begin to imagine how much God loves us. Jesus says immerse your misery into the abyss of my mercy. What are our sins, even though they are so dark, when immered in the ocean of God's mercy? They are nothing!

The victim souls are those souls in the world who unite themselves to Jesus and willingly choose ro suffer as he did in reparation for the sins of this world and for the injustices committed against God.
It is truly amazing to realize what the victim souls are. It is not easy to understand but in a way they console our lord;s wounded heart and help bring souls that are lost into his abode.

Salvation is in our hands. God is holding out his hands outstretched towards us as he did at the cross. You only have to leap into those arms that are longing to bring you unending joy and peace forever. Those arms that long to embrace you with love. Lord, receive this misery that i am and do with …