Give until it hurts......

Mother Theresa is quoted as saying those wise words. They are truly words to live by especially in our times today. We focus so much on oursleves, our feelings and our desires. Everything seems to be centred on ME. How selfish and contemptuos we have become. We no longer care for anyone but ourselves and our own happiness!

I think we need to give untill it hurts and then give some more. I know its hard because we are selfish in our natures but it is not impossible. Remember to try to put yourself into the life of the people you encounter everyday. We cannot fully understand what someone is going through but we can show compassion to those in less fortunate circumstances than our own.

Our local priest reminded me in his homily this week that no one is too poor to give anything. Neither is there a wealthy person who doesn't need anything! Our lives are intertwined for a reason. We are meant to help each other. Pope Francis recently said that wealthy people who horde their riches in the face of starving people are praticing idolatry that kills! I whole  heartedly agree with him on that. I have heard several times about wealthy people dying and leaving their wealth to their PETS! Honestly this always gets me so furious. Serioulsy?

Lets all try our best to be charitable and give with a free and open heart. Do not give while grumbling...remember God loves a cheerful giver! God bless you all!


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