Xenophobia in South Africa

In the recent past weeks i have truly been shocked and saddened by the situation of xenophobia in south Africa. Some sections of south Africans have been burning and killing other Africans who are not citizens of south Africa saying they are taking jobs meant for citizens. I have even heard that some teachers in schools are asking foreign students why they came to study in south Africa.

Given south Africa's turbulent racial past, this truly baffles me. The late Nelson Mandela must be rolling in his grave right now. He fought for the racial freedoms of black Africans. How can we turn on our own people? Granted, racism is abhorrent but i just cant understand violence against your own race!

South Africans need to do something about this. Stand up and fight this evil before it destroys you as a country. For those foreign African nationals living in fear, our prayers are with you! I can imagine how difficult it is to live your home and start a life somewhere only to have it destroyed in an instant of cruelty. May God protect you and see you through this difficult time.


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