Easter brings new Hope

Happy Easter to you all! The true meaning of Easter, if you are a christian like me is one of hope. We are all joyful and expectant because after the suffering and death of our Lord and Savior Jesus, he rises again on the third day.

It is hard for us to accept the mystery of the resurrection because we are taught to believe when we have proof but not everything can be proven or explained. You only need to have a faith that cannot be shaken in today's world of skepticism.

As human beings, God created us with the dignity of a soul that is meant to live even after the body dies. We will live forever in eternal bliss if we will only surrender ourselves to God's mercy and love. All God needs from us is to place our trust in his love and his desire to save us but we also need to make a firm conviction to do our best to fight our disposition to sin. God knows we have our weaknesses but we must do our best to co-operate with the grace God has given us and continues to give us.

God desires your salvation and he has paid the price for it with his own blood, but he has given you free will to choose to either love him or reject him. What will your choice be? I choose life in Jesus Christ!

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