Last week i was shocked to find out that the pilot of Germanwings airline that crashed recently in the french alps crashed the plane on purpose! I was reading an interview allegedly given by his girlfriend and she was saying that he told her that he would one day do something to make sure that the world remembered him. He was also struggling with mental health issues and depression. His girlfriend also said that since his eye sight was not excellent, he probably would never make it into Lufthansa as a top pilot.

We are all really trying to understand what makes someone take not only his own life, but the lives of over a hundred innocent people. Some people may hate and despise him but i pity him. He was probably a person with extreme narcissistic tendencies. I am not a psychiatrist but  the world we live in today encourages people to be narcissistic. Am sorry to say but we focus too much on our own individual happiness. Everything today is about ME. What about my happiness?

We become so indifferent to other people and we tend to put down those who do not agree with us or even overlook the advice of others. Some people end up flattering you (yes even your parents sometimes) saying if people cant really see how special you are, they should not be in your life. Seriously? We need to wake up people! Not everything is about you. We need to learn to accept positive criticism and advice. Learn to let certain things go. People struggling with mental health issues need our support not judgement! Parents really need to bring up their children to accept that things will not always go their way and do not tolerate fits and tantrums. When a child makes a mistake, do not just soothe them with words of comfort, punish them and show them the error of their way. Its called tough love, that's what made me the person i am today!

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