Diginity in Death

Someone once said that there are two certainties in life, "death and taxes"! Well, i wont argue with that as they are inescapable realities of our existence especially death. We will surely all die some day and our bodies will crumble into dust and nothingness. I am a christian and a catholic so i believe in life after death and i know that my soul will live on and i will be reborn into eternity by the grace of God!

Sometimes we do not treat the dead with respect. In the past people who were deemed by society to be immoral like prostitutes, people who committed suicide and unfortunate victims of miscarriages, the insane were not given a proper burial or just left in pits. We have no right to judge people and yes some people live terrible lives but you do not know whether or not they repented at the hour or moment of their deaths.

The human body is dignified in life and should be dignified in death. Please do not disgrace the dead by refusing to give them a proper burial! Do not even get me started on cremation! In my humble opinion burning the remains of your dearly departed is abhorrent and shows a lack of respect  for them. Let us all try to bury our dead with the dignity and respect they deserve . And the most dignified thing we can do for then is to pray that God in his mercy will rest they souls in eternal peace. (Amen!)


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