Because of the color of my skin

Last week , i was reading about a black man who was shot in the back by a white police office in Charleston on the Reuters website.  I am not one to rush in judgement of people and say it was racist but it looks like it. Why was a police officer shooting at his back? It looks even worse because he was a white police officer shooting a black man in the back, and killing mind you ! Granted i dont have all the facts but i was appalled.

I am a big fan of scandal TV series on ABC and they recently aired an episode about a young black man who was killed by a white police officer. The police officer had originally lied and said that he had shot the young man in self defense when he saw the victim reach for a knife in his pocket. As events unfolded, the truth eventually comes out in a heated confrontation with Olivia pope when the police officer says "you people don't have respect" obviously referring to Olivia's African heritage as she is a woman of color.

In the past certain small minded people tried to make people who were different from their idea of what people should be like feel inferior, filled with prejudice for others based on the color of their skin. It is sad that today there are still such people and it seems will always be. We are all human beings, uniquely created and beautiful in our diversity. Don't you ever let anyone make you feel inferior because of the way you were created. You are beautiful and dignified just the way you are. Let us all learn to celebrate differences between us as humans , not spread hate and malice.


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