A love that endures everything and anything!

There is a song of faith, i think its called how high the sky! ( " i have forgotten the title, shame on me"). In the chorus at the end it says " because neither height nor depth, nor death nor anything can separate the love of Christ from me." These are beautiful truth's people. They are unimaginable truths which feel the soul with great joy and hope.

We all want to be loved unconditionally. We are meant to be born by an act of love and we were created for love and to love. Unfortunately the human capacity to love is stifled by our selfish nature and prejudices. On our own it is honestly difficult to love all people but we only have to remember the love that Jesus Christ has for us and ask him for the grace to Love and he will bring about that fire in your heart that will help you to love his creation.

There is nothing in this world that can ever separate you from God's love. Whether you are the worst sinner, the cruelest dictator, the immoral prostitute, the man trying to be just or the most wretched person with the most unfortunate circumstances, God loves you and he will never stop trying to reach out to you, to draw you to himself until the day you die!

I choose your love oh lord and i realize how unworthy and ungrateful i am, have mercy on me and save my soul! What will your choice be? will you remain deaf to the call of Love himself?


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