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Victim of Love!

The fire of divine love is an unquenchable flame that burns for each one of us. We cannot even begin to imagine how much God loves us. Jesus says immerse your misery into the abyss of my mercy. What are our sins, even though they are so dark, when immered in the ocean of God's mercy? They are nothing!

The victim souls are those souls in the world who unite themselves to Jesus and willingly choose ro suffer as he did in reparation for the sins of this world and for the injustices committed against God.
It is truly amazing to realize what the victim souls are. It is not easy to understand but in a way they console our lord;s wounded heart and help bring souls that are lost into his abode.

Salvation is in our hands. God is holding out his hands outstretched towards us as he did at the cross. You only have to leap into those arms that are longing to bring you unending joy and peace forever. Those arms that long to embrace you with love. Lord, receive this misery that i am and do with …

Casting stones!

On monday, we had an interesting homily from a priest in my local church. He talked about a media article which was being blown out of proportion. Basically a priest was being bashed for abusing some people who were making fun of him when he was learning to ride a bike.

He was saying that becoming a priest does not make you less of a human being. While i do think that priests are held in high regard and must uphold a good moral standard, i must concur with him. Priests are human beings and not only priests. We keep thinking how could he or she do such a thing?

Saints are in heaven. Perfection is achieved only when we reach heaven. Even the people we think are good here on earth are sinners. We all make mistakes and it is human to do so. What we need to learn is not to dwell on them. To get back up every time we fall and do our best to do better each day. God will help us if we have the resolve to do better. God bless you all!

Unbridled Passions

Here i am referring to passion in the sense of human sexuality. Today, we are encouraged to be open with maaters of sexuality and it is no longer taboo to discuss it. While i am all for being open and not regarding it as something shameful, i do think there should be boundaries here as well.

I do not want to judge people especially concerning their personal sexuality but i must say that in my opinion, not everything is permissible. We also have to think about protecting the innocents. (children)
I have been reading a couple of times about people "marrying" animals especially in Asia. I am always left at a loss for words. Thats just insane behaviour to me!

If we do not learn to tame our passions, they often lead us into greater depravity! A case in point is the pornography industry today. It continues to draw more and more people into lewdness and immorality.  A case in pint is child pornography and animal porn. I think when people allow their passions to run wild, they crave…

Learning to Let go !

Recently, i watched a very interesting video which was sent to me on social media. In this video, there was a beautiful message about what a lecturer in stress managanent taught her students. She held up a glass in class and asked them how heavy the glass was.

They were different answers given but the lesson was, if she held the glass for a minute or so, nothing happened, if she raised it for an hour, it would begin to hurt. If she raised it for a whole day, her hand would beign to feel numb and paralysed. The weight of the water in the glass remains constant but produced those effects depending on how long she HELD IT!

Life's worries and stresses are like that glass of water. If you hold onto them for too long, they will hurt and paralyse you! They will make you incapable of living to your full potential. Life isnt easy and it never will be. We all need to learn to let go of our unecessary anxiety, do not dwell . Remember to let go of all the day's worrries and cares before e…

Dont let them change you!

I came across a very wise quote recently that i feel i must share with you. It states:

"Be soft, do not let the world make you hard.
Do not let pain make you hate.
Do not let the the bitterness steal your sweetness!"

Last week, a thief sneaked into my house while i was taking an aftenoon nap and took my laptop. I was so angry and hurt. In my mind i thought, what brazeness indeed! To walk into my home and take my things. It really got me and i am quite suspicious of my neighbors now.

That being said, whoever said the words above is very wise indeed! We must not allow ourselves to be changed by the world or by hurtful and unfair situations. Life is the most beautiful gift that God has given us. We must never give up hope on the world. We must remain sweet in an ocean of bitterness and we must never give in to hate. The only person you hurt when you hold on to anger and hatred is yourself. Do not posion yourself by being bitter. Let it go and live free! God bless you all!