Unbridled Passions

Here i am referring to passion in the sense of human sexuality. Today, we are encouraged to be open with maaters of sexuality and it is no longer taboo to discuss it. While i am all for being open and not regarding it as something shameful, i do think there should be boundaries here as well.

I do not want to judge people especially concerning their personal sexuality but i must say that in my opinion, not everything is permissible. We also have to think about protecting the innocents. (children)
I have been reading a couple of times about people "marrying" animals especially in Asia. I am always left at a loss for words. Thats just insane behaviour to me!

If we do not learn to tame our passions, they often lead us into greater depravity! A case in point is the pornography industry today. It continues to draw more and more people into lewdness and immorality.  A case in pint is child pornography and animal porn. I think when people allow their passions to run wild, they crave more and the normal becomes boring. They begin to crave the strange and want to push the boundaries to the limit.

We need to learn that boundaries are good and are there for a reason. Practice the art of restraint in regards to your unruly passions. We can control our passions and we ought to otherwise when they control us, we end up on a path that will ulitmatley lead to destruction. God bless you all!

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