Learning to Let go !

Recently, i watched a very interesting video which was sent to me on social media. In this video, there was a beautiful message about what a lecturer in stress managanent taught her students. She held up a glass in class and asked them how heavy the glass was.

They were different answers given but the lesson was, if she held the glass for a minute or so, nothing happened, if she raised it for an hour, it would begin to hurt. If she raised it for a whole day, her hand would beign to feel numb and paralysed. The weight of the water in the glass remains constant but produced those effects depending on how long she HELD IT!

Life's worries and stresses are like that glass of water. If you hold onto them for too long, they will hurt and paralyse you! They will make you incapable of living to your full potential. Life isnt easy and it never will be. We all need to learn to let go of our unecessary anxiety, do not dwell . Remember to let go of all the day's worrries and cares before evening. Do not carry them into the night or the next morning! God bless you all!


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