Victim of Love!

The fire of divine love is an unquenchable flame that burns for each one of us. We cannot even begin to imagine how much God loves us. Jesus says immerse your misery into the abyss of my mercy. What are our sins, even though they are so dark, when immered in the ocean of God's mercy? They are nothing!

The victim souls are those souls in the world who unite themselves to Jesus and willingly choose ro suffer as he did in reparation for the sins of this world and for the injustices committed against God.
It is truly amazing to realize what the victim souls are. It is not easy to understand but in a way they console our lord;s wounded heart and help bring souls that are lost into his abode.

Salvation is in our hands. God is holding out his hands outstretched towards us as he did at the cross. You only have to leap into those arms that are longing to bring you unending joy and peace forever. Those arms that long to embrace you with love. Lord, receive this misery that i am and do with me what you will. Amen.


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