Casting stones!

On monday, we had an interesting homily from a priest in my local church. He talked about a media article which was being blown out of proportion. Basically a priest was being bashed for abusing some people who were making fun of him when he was learning to ride a bike.

He was saying that becoming a priest does not make you less of a human being. While i do think that priests are held in high regard and must uphold a good moral standard, i must concur with him. Priests are human beings and not only priests. We keep thinking how could he or she do such a thing?

Saints are in heaven. Perfection is achieved only when we reach heaven. Even the people we think are good here on earth are sinners. We all make mistakes and it is human to do so. What we need to learn is not to dwell on them. To get back up every time we fall and do our best to do better each day. God will help us if we have the resolve to do better. God bless you all!

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