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Lord, only say a word.....

Last week on Monday, my father had a bad fall at home and injured his spine! My first thought was how did this happen? Was he climbing and fell from a high place? It turns out, he missed some steps and that's how he ended up in the hospital. He will require surgery and the recovery period according to doctors is "unknown".

This trial is testing my patience in a big way! I have been so stressed since his accident. I keep thinking what if this and that but worry doesn't help! I am choosing to let go and let God! This is the time when our faith in God is tested and trials will always come. It is our choice whether they will make us bitter or better!

We don't often want to hear it especially in such situations but everything does happen for a reason. This trial has definitely brought our family together and is teaching us patience and the value of living by faith! God will see us through this no matter what happens. Only we need now is to pray and hope!

"Lord i …