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Scandal for the weak!

Scandal TV show is one of my favorite series, and i must say it is a wonderful series to watch. I love the drama and it gives me quite the thrill! That being said, anyone who lives their lives surrounded by such scandal is really not a good person. We all have drama in our lives but have we ever stopped to consider that we are sometimes the cause of scandal?

Last Sunday's readings had a message from Jesus in the new testament about being a cause of scandal especially to innocents (children). As adults it is a bit difficult to retain the innocence of your childhood. I am not saying you cannot get it back but it is often a struggle but for children it is natural. Our priest in his homily on Sunday was speaking to us about how children have admitted to watching pornographic movies to him.  If you , as an adult think that is okay then there must be something wrong with you!

Children's innocence must be preserved and protected by us as adults. I do not think any well adjusted adult…


I hear so much about the "sexual revolution" that started in the 1960's being cited as the cause for the breakdown in societal morals concerning sex and the beginning of the licentiousness that we have today in regards to sex. In my view, contraception has definitely led to the increase in promiscuity and led to the heavily sexual lifestyle we are encouraged to adopt today!

I have often read articles about how sex is "healthy" for you and relieves stress. In the tabloids, sex scandals is all we read about and we are encouraged to seek partners in relationships who are "good in bed" ,whatever that means. Young people especially, are under pressure to date and end up engaing in sex when they are barely able to understand the consequences.

We as a society have put so much emphasis on sex , but we keep deceiving ourselves that casual sex is fun, that we can have it without the "burden" of having to bear children and it can be a wonderful way to …

Love is free!

Love really does make the world go round! We were created from that beautiful, complete, wonderful love that is God and we were made to love and for love! I truly believe that. I usually watch the bachelor/bachelorette ("very cheesy i know") and when one of the "contestants" for love is rejected, sometimes they look really hurt and i feel sorry for them.

I personally would not advise someone to put themselves through that. Lets not be "desperate" for love. Maybe some people actually do go on those shows genuinely searching for love but it seems a little "fake" to me. Most of the people who get together there end up breaking up a few months later. I mean a proposal after two months of dating on reality TV?

Love is free and unfortunately , you will have to endure heartache in life to meet that one person who will stand by you and care for you. Love is not about being whisked to exotic locations and romantic dates every week. Love to me means commit…

Pax Tecum ( Peace be with you)

Yesterday, i was reading about the death of some Muslims last week in mecca ,when lightning strikes caused a crane to fall on some people in a mosque. I was shocked and saddened to read about that though some people said it was God's will. However the comment of one horrible person that it was a good thing and he wished it had happened to more Muslims was truly obnoxious.

I will not go into our many religious differences and how they sometimes cause division among people. The truth is whether you are a Sikh or a Muslim or a christian or an atheist. there are always people who choose to do bad things and we cannot let prejudice color our views of all people or stereotype certain people. People are complex and we do not fit into the same mold.

We are living in perilous times. The world economy seems to be failing, violence and terrorism are on the rise and everyday we face new threats of war and disease, poverty and the list goes on. I am not a prophet of doom, i choose hope. As a c…


Yesterday i attended the baptism of my little nephews. Children are always so innocent at such a tender age, it reminded me of my life now as a grown up and how i lost that innocence. How i wish o could go back to that state! Baptism is not just a ceremonial rite, it an outward symbol of entrance into God's family. I view it as a formal adoption of us as sons and daughters of the most high and thus heirs to God's kingdom! It is with baptism, that the holy spirit begins to dwell in us!

One of the most important things in the priest's homily was about how parents need to bring up their children in the love of God. Names are very important and parents should think deeply about the meaning of the names they give to their children. I personally think, you can never go wrong with the name of a saint!

Lets try to give our children names which will inspire virtue in them and bring them up in the fear and love of the Lord. The fear of God is truly the beginning of all wisdom. God b…

My All in All!

I wish i could afford all the things that would make me live in comfort. As human beings, we want a stable comfortable life free from complications and so we strive in our work and life to achieve that end! It is not bad to want to live happily but we place too much emphasis on finances , on money, thinking if we have more of it, we will be happy and fulfilled!

How very wrong we are in thinking this way! Even the wealthiest man , if he is honest will tell you that all his riches do not make him happy. If you are not living for God, then you will always feel like something is missing in your life. There will be an emptiness that nobody and nothing can fill! Yesterday the readings in church were about how as Christians, we need to be completely changed on the inside. We need to be purged of every inclination to sin and let Christ take over our lives. We need to surrender ourselves to him completely and live only by his grace and according to his will! (Mary is the perfect example of thi…

Living the Gospel

On Sunday's we Christians go to church and one of the most important things in public worship and private reflection as well is the reading (Gospel). The word of God always bears fruit, it never returns empty but how many of us let it sink in? Are we open to Hearing his word and more importantly to living it?

When we listen to God's word, it is supposed to bring about a positive change in us and help us to learn something and apply this lesson in our everyday lives! Honestly i sometimes forget the readings or am a bit distracted during the service but i also usually remember a word , even if its just a single word or verse that is teaching me something about my life.

We as human beings are sometimes distracted in service and and our minds wander but we need to make an effort to put God's word in practice. St. James said "faith without action is dead". The reason that Christianity spread so rapidly is because the "early Christians" lived their faith. The…

Compassionate killing!

Some time back i read an article about certain doctors who "helped" their patients by killing them in order to end their suffering. I will not sugar coat it! They murdered their patients because apparently , they were in too much pain to go on living. I can imagine some people have excruciating pain every single day and honestly they get depressed and do not want to keep fighting through the hurt.  They need our support as a society and as a family!

I also read about an old lady who asked the doctors to end her life because she didn't want to go through the challenges of life in her "golden years." Can you believe that? I was stunned and honestly i could not believe that this is the world we live in today! Honestly we are all to blame and we should be ashamed of ourselves. We have ignored the old people and they are now confined to homes waiting for family and friends to visit them but we never do! We have accepted all kinds of moral evils and do not even blink…