I hear so much about the "sexual revolution" that started in the 1960's being cited as the cause for the breakdown in societal morals concerning sex and the beginning of the licentiousness that we have today in regards to sex. In my view, contraception has definitely led to the increase in promiscuity and led to the heavily sexual lifestyle we are encouraged to adopt today!

I have often read articles about how sex is "healthy" for you and relieves stress. In the tabloids, sex scandals is all we read about and we are encouraged to seek partners in relationships who are "good in bed" ,whatever that means. Young people especially, are under pressure to date and end up engaing in sex when they are barely able to understand the consequences.

We as a society have put so much emphasis on sex , but we keep deceiving ourselves that casual sex is fun, that we can have it without the "burden" of having to bear children and it can be a wonderful way to relieve stress. We are only fooling ourselves. The way that sex is intended for by God is as a union of one man and one woman as a way to bond them together with the most important role being to bear children. When we throw out that and  say lets sleep with whoever and think there will be no consequences, we are delusional!

How many broken relationships, how much jealousy and heartache from our promiscuity? The wold is full of so many hurt people who are no longer able to believe in good , honest relationships! We are all to blame. Let us all strive to bring up our children with the family values we hope will inspire them to be morally upright. If you are in a relationship right now, strive to make it right. Just because it feels right don't make it so! That excuse that you keep telling yourself that life is too short is rubbish! Don't be ruled by your emotions, you have to master them or they might destroy you!


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