Yesterday i attended the baptism of my little nephews. Children are always so innocent at such a tender age, it reminded me of my life now as a grown up and how i lost that innocence. How i wish o could go back to that state! Baptism is not just a ceremonial rite, it an outward symbol of entrance into God's family. I view it as a formal adoption of us as sons and daughters of the most high and thus heirs to God's kingdom! It is with baptism, that the holy spirit begins to dwell in us!

One of the most important things in the priest's homily was about how parents need to bring up their children in the love of God. Names are very important and parents should think deeply about the meaning of the names they give to their children. I personally think, you can never go wrong with the name of a saint!

Lets try to give our children names which will inspire virtue in them and bring them up in the fear and love of the Lord. The fear of God is truly the beginning of all wisdom. God bless you All!

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