Living the Gospel

On Sunday's we Christians go to church and one of the most important things in public worship and private reflection as well is the reading (Gospel). The word of God always bears fruit, it never returns empty but how many of us let it sink in? Are we open to Hearing his word and more importantly to living it?

When we listen to God's word, it is supposed to bring about a positive change in us and help us to learn something and apply this lesson in our everyday lives! Honestly i sometimes forget the readings or am a bit distracted during the service but i also usually remember a word , even if its just a single word or verse that is teaching me something about my life.

We as human beings are sometimes distracted in service and and our minds wander but we need to make an effort to put God's word in practice. St. James said "faith without action is dead". The reason that Christianity spread so rapidly is because the "early Christians" lived their faith. They were kind, charitable and loving towards one another and their actions won over the pagans. To me being christian means being Christ like! Your motto should always be "what would Christ do?" Am i acting like my Lord?

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