My All in All!

I wish i could afford all the things that would make me live in comfort. As human beings, we want a stable comfortable life free from complications and so we strive in our work and life to achieve that end! It is not bad to want to live happily but we place too much emphasis on finances , on money, thinking if we have more of it, we will be happy and fulfilled!

How very wrong we are in thinking this way! Even the wealthiest man , if he is honest will tell you that all his riches do not make him happy. If you are not living for God, then you will always feel like something is missing in your life. There will be an emptiness that nobody and nothing can fill! Yesterday the readings in church were about how as Christians, we need to be completely changed on the inside. We need to be purged of every inclination to sin and let Christ take over our lives. We need to surrender ourselves to him completely and live only by his grace and according to his will! (Mary is the perfect example of this, our best model in serving God)

Today i am dealing with anxieties about finances, about family, about life and work! Lord, i give you all my cares and worries, they are nothing . Take them and do with me what you will. You are my all in all! That is my prayer for today and i hope it will inspire you as you go through life's daily struggles! God bless you all!

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