Compassionate killing!

Some time back i read an article about certain doctors who "helped" their patients by killing them in order to end their suffering. I will not sugar coat it! They murdered their patients because apparently , they were in too much pain to go on living. I can imagine some people have excruciating pain every single day and honestly they get depressed and do not want to keep fighting through the hurt.  They need our support as a society and as a family!

I also read about an old lady who asked the doctors to end her life because she didn't want to go through the challenges of life in her "golden years." Can you believe that? I was stunned and honestly i could not believe that this is the world we live in today! Honestly we are all to blame and we should be ashamed of ourselves. We have ignored the old people and they are now confined to homes waiting for family and friends to visit them but we never do! We have accepted all kinds of moral evils and do not even blink when things like this happen!

Killing someone to end their suffering is unconscionable. What is next? Sometimes people are depressed but is it ok to kill them just because we cant bear to see them sad? That's just ridiculous and we need to fight to end this so called "mercy" killing. We are turning into a society of killers by accepting both abortion and euthanasia. May God help us!

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