Pax Tecum ( Peace be with you)

Yesterday, i was reading about the death of some Muslims last week in mecca ,when lightning strikes caused a crane to fall on some people in a mosque. I was shocked and saddened to read about that though some people said it was God's will. However the comment of one horrible person that it was a good thing and he wished it had happened to more Muslims was truly obnoxious.

I will not go into our many religious differences and how they sometimes cause division among people. The truth is whether you are a Sikh or a Muslim or a christian or an atheist. there are always people who choose to do bad things and we cannot let prejudice color our views of all people or stereotype certain people. People are complex and we do not fit into the same mold.

We are living in perilous times. The world economy seems to be failing, violence and terrorism are on the rise and everyday we face new threats of war and disease, poverty and the list goes on. I am not a prophet of doom, i choose hope. As a christian, hope is one of our defining virtues The world seems to be plunging further into chaos, a chaos we created, we dare not blame God for our actions have resulted into this broken world today.

Let us all recall our lady's message at Fatima, "in the end my immaculate heart will triumph!" We shall indeed have peace one day but at what cost? May God help us all!

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