Scandal for the weak!

Scandal TV show is one of my favorite series, and i must say it is a wonderful series to watch. I love the drama and it gives me quite the thrill! That being said, anyone who lives their lives surrounded by such scandal is really not a good person. We all have drama in our lives but have we ever stopped to consider that we are sometimes the cause of scandal?

Last Sunday's readings had a message from Jesus in the new testament about being a cause of scandal especially to innocents (children). As adults it is a bit difficult to retain the innocence of your childhood. I am not saying you cannot get it back but it is often a struggle but for children it is natural. Our priest in his homily on Sunday was speaking to us about how children have admitted to watching pornographic movies to him.  If you , as an adult think that is okay then there must be something wrong with you!

Children's innocence must be preserved and protected by us as adults. I do not think any well adjusted adult / parent would want their children engaging in any kind of sexual activity or watching pornography! We should not limit ourselves to protecting our children only in the area of sexual immorality but we need to bring them up to be grounded, morally upright adults.

As adults , we think we can do whatever we want but remember that children look up to us and want to try out the things they see us do! "Woe to those who would cause any of these little ones to stumble, it would have been better for them to have a rope tied to their necks with a stone attached to it and thrown into the sea" as Jesus says.


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