Love is free!

Love really does make the world go round! We were created from that beautiful, complete, wonderful love that is God and we were made to love and for love! I truly believe that. I usually watch the bachelor/bachelorette ("very cheesy i know") and when one of the "contestants" for love is rejected, sometimes they look really hurt and i feel sorry for them.

I personally would not advise someone to put themselves through that. Lets not be "desperate" for love. Maybe some people actually do go on those shows genuinely searching for love but it seems a little "fake" to me. Most of the people who get together there end up breaking up a few months later. I mean a proposal after two months of dating on reality TV?

Love is free and unfortunately , you will have to endure heartache in life to meet that one person who will stand by you and care for you. Love is not about being whisked to exotic locations and romantic dates every week. Love to me means committing to a person, acknowledging their flaws and accepting them. Acceptance of flaws means realizing people are not perfect but you have to make people realize when they are in the wrong. Love also means facing challenges together and staying together especially during the bad times.

We all want that but just remember that not everyone will find a great love in life. That's ok too as long as you keep yourself open to the possibility.

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