The message of Kibeho....Ndi Nyina wa jambo!

Last week i mentioned that i would be going on pilgrimage. I was in a little village in Rwanda called Kibeho. It is a remote place towards the border with Burundi on top of rather steep hills. For those who have not heard about Kibeho, it is the site of the appartions of the blessed virgin Mary since the early 80's. It is also now associated with the divine mercy devotion as well!

To summarise a beautiful message, Our mother calls us to repent and have a true conversion of heart. There is so much hatred, selfishness and bitterness in this world. Too much of a spirit of unforgiveness! When she first appeared she showed them the visions of what would come to pass if people did not convert. (the genocide). Our mother truly loves us and does not want to see our destruction. Unfoirtunatley human beings are stubborn and what she had foretold did indeed come to pass. In 1994, the horror of the genocide became a reality and the river run red with the blood of slaughtered people, headless corpses numbering in thousands and fields riiddled wih unburried bodies! It is unimaginable that we still have not truly changed even after witnessing that!

The other summary of the message is that, we cannot hope to attain salvation without the cross. Our mother is our lady of sorrows. We cannot even comprehend the pain she had to go through in union with her son. Think of such a tender mother, innocent and pure but was not preserved from pain. She whom God loved the most after his son Jesus endured the most cruel suffering. I think of it as a martyrdom of the heart. Her heart was indeed piereced by the sword as Simeon had prohesied! Mother , Oh sweet Mary, help me to accept the daily crosses that God gives me for my own salvation and for the salvation of all my brethren. Amen .

PS: Jesus and Mary are united in a way we cannot is a beautiful mystical union. Do not fool yourself into thinking you can Love Jesus and reject his mother!


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