When sin bears fruit......

Of late , there have been many disasters facing the United states (hurricanes) , both seemingly natural and mand made. (terrorism and acts of violence) Just recently a man in Las vegas opened fire and killed around 50 people in what has been reported as one of the worst shootings in U.S history.

It makes me stop to ponder. The United sates was founded on the principles of christianity,  but how the founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves! Currently they seem to have throwm out every christian principle and will not listen to reason! How can a government dictate that same sex unions are on the same equality as the union between man and woman (ordained by God)? How can the government fund an organisation (planned parenthood) that encourages the murder of innocents (abortion)? And even sells parts of the aborted children?

I usually watch botched ( a series about plastic surgery). In one episode, someone comes in looking all blue and says he wants to look like an alien! I was speechless! What kind of world have we created? Instead of helping such people, we are actually feeding their insanity! "If you do not like something about yourself, change it". How very wrong and foolish you are to think in such a way. Tampering with nature has always and will always have grave consequences.

Now see the fruit of your evil/sin. Look at a once great country founded on christianity, collapsing into the abyss. It is what you have reaped for sowing the seeds of sin! I will pray for you that you will retrun to the true christian principles. May God bless you and bring you true peace. If you truly want this, turn from your evil ways and do penance. God will not reject a humble and contrite heart.

PS; Please read psalm 51 and pray for your country and the world.


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