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Am i my brother's keeper?

Stop for a moment and ponder the apathy of those words that Cain spoke to God when asked where his brother was! I recently read about nurses in Poland who abandoned an aborted baby which was still alive  and left it to die. They were so callous about it and in their minds had done nothing wrong! One of the  most ironic things about this is that medical professionals are supposed to help save lives and improve quality of life.

What happened to our consciences? We claim to be living in an enlightened age but behave worse than beasts. Shame on us! When many governments decided to legalize abortion to "protect" women and their right to choose, it was a dark day indeed for humanity. Killing unborn children is cold blooded murder but hey, its legal! When did we become so far gone that we would choose to look the other way when innocents were being murdered? And by their own mothers?

The millions of innocent lives and tons of innocent blood do cry out to God for vengeance and venge…

Vengeance and hate!

Last week Brussels was attacked by terrorists who killed a couple of people in separate attacks on the train station and airport. I cannot imagine how people can be happy and proud about killing another human being. On Easter, while on my way to church, i found out that someone was killed for saying happy Easter to another person.. To say that it has been such a shocking eventful week is an understatement!

What happened to us? We are all different in one way or another and our differences should make us appreciate one another  not cause so much hatred and strife. I cannot understand and will not try to understand the gospel of hatred being spread around the world today. What kind of world will our children grow up in?

We are all responsible for the future of our world. God is the only hope for us and the more we have turned away from him, the more our world has continued to crumble. We shall never have peace until we have recourse to the divine mercy. I appeal to all of you to spread …

Holy week!

As we prepare to celebrate one of  Christianity's greatest mysteries, we are called to remember in a special way Christ's sufferings. Last Sunday, the priest in my local church said that the passion story of Jesus is the greatest story in the world and i whole heartedly agree with him!

Imagine having to share a drink with a person you know is going to betray you in just a shot while. Imagine having all your friends desert you and act like they do not know you! Imagine knowing that your suffering and death will break your mother's heart and leave her inconsolable. Imagine knowing that your sacrifice is treated with ingratitude by multitudes of your beloved!

We cannot even begin to know and comprehend what Jesus went through. Oh the anguish of his poor heart! No wonder he said "my soul is sorrowful unto death". His disciples may not have understood that and we definitely may not but the more i contemplate Christ's suffering, the more my soul is moved! There is …

Lies and ripples!

Last week i told a lie that left me feeling horrible and very uneasy! "Everybody lies", that's what we tell ourselves to feel better when we are being dishonest. We also think that there are so called "white" lies that are some what justified but lets not sugar coat it, a lie is a lie and is wrong!

While i do understand that some things are none of people's business but instead of lying we can decline to talk about them and say i do not want to talk about it or i wont speak about it. There are also certain sensitive circumstances and personal issues that shouldn't be discussed and we need to remember that you can destroy someone's reputation with your words.

Even half truths are not ok. Either say yes or no as Jesus said! Be straight with people and when the situation demands it, be silent and decline to talk about certain truths instead of lying. Its hard i know but you will have peace and no one will be hurt! May God guide you on the path to truth…

The consequence of sin and the need for cleansing / deliverance!

Many of us do not realize that our actions have consequences on not only ourselves, but also on our families and the society at large. I have been reading about family healing and deliverance recently and i learned that our actions in the family affect not only us, but those around us. Many of our problems stem from family dysfunction and we will not have peace until we are delivered and healed!

Sin cuts us off from the grace of God and invites the evil one in! God will of course never cease to send you his grace and to bless you. But when you are in a continual state of sin, God's grace is blocked from reaching you and is also blocked from reaching your family members as well! You and your family end up in a cycle of misfortune and suffering and this suffering can only be alleviated after special prayers of deliverance and healing.

It costs you nothing to pray for God's mercy and healing and ask him to forgive you your sins and the sins of your ancestors! God is always waitin…

Sexual abuse!

In the recent wake of so many sexual abuse scandals, including those involving the church, we need to take a closer look at our lives and re-evaluate them. I do not understand such an abhorrent thing especially when it involves innocent children! Its simply disgusting. I know we shouldn't judge other people as our judgements are imperfect but i just cant help but feel horrified at this kind of behavior!

I think the causes all come from broken family relationships, such issues always seen to stem from the family. The family (father, mother and children) was intended by God to be the basic building block of society and the church and ever since we start4ed destroying the traditional family (divorce ) and disregarding  family values , this has been the result.

We have children growing up being molested and this destroys and breaks their innocent spirits and they grow up and perpetuate the cycle. They end up feeling worthless and unloved and they pass this on to others. We need family…

Absurdist philosophy

If you google the meaning of the world absurdism,  you get the definition "the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless, chaotic universe." Honestly the first time i read about this theory i was stunned and at a loss for words. (my thoughts were , you have to be kidding me!) I just cannot believe that someone could come up with such a "philosophy". In my opinion such a philosophy is ludicrous and dangerous to society!

You may not feel like it or believe it sometimes but you and i were meant for a purpose! You were never created by chance or accident and everything you have been through and are going through matters and has a purpose for your life! The moment you start believing such an absurd philosophy, seriously even the name comes from the word absurd, chaos will reign as it wants you to believe.

Some people may think that all life is meaningless and we go through some truly trying situations in life that test our limits. However the purpose for our lives b…

Molded by challenges!

I think we have all heard the saying, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" And also "God never gives us problems we can't handle!" In life, sometimes we are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable. There is no life that is bereft of challengers and problems ("the rich also cry'). Everybody's got problems and if we could switch lives and truly walk in someone else's "shoes", we would realize that!

Some precious metals like gold, must be purified by fire. There is always a test in life for you to prove your worth! Everyone has to go through something and if you persevere and get through it, you will be all the better and stronger for it and that situation or challenge will teach you a life lesson. Some situations like certain illnesses are difficult to overcome especially the terminal and incurable ones but part of recovery is fighting the illness with your will to live. If you give up the fight when you are sick, you…

The mass!

As Christians, we are always looking for ways to deepen our faith, for encounters and signs from our God, that he loves us, that he is watching over us, that he hears our cries! As Catholics especially, we need look no further than Holy mass to truly encounter our God. We do not realize how many graces we receive when we attend mass or how much Jesus in the Eucharist longs to unite his divine majesty with our nothingness!

Oh how much it humbles me, to realize that God wants to be united to me, a mere vapor in the wind. We are nothing but misery and filth, and yet God's mercy is infinite and in is mercy, he redeems our misery and makes our souls take on the beauty of his majesty. Oh to be a prince and princess in his kingdom, that is God's greatest desire for you, to save you and make your truly his children!

In the mass, God humbles himself once more by taking the form of bread but do not be fooled, at the moment of consecration, that "bread" is transformed into the …

Self righteosness and snap judgments!

Sometime back, i was reading an article about a person who made a snap judgement about a couple who were trying to do something charitable but were being judged to be frauds. When the person on question found out about it, she was not even ashamed or didn't even apologize. People love to judge other people. We always have opinions about others and expect other people to fit into molds of what we think they should be.

We usually rush into making assumptions about situations and people's intentions but we have to realize and accept is that our judgement capacity is heavily flawed! As human beings, we are not perfect and thus our judgements are also imperfect!

Prejudice is a weakness we need to fight and as hard as it is we need to stop jumping to conclusions and be patient with people. We cannot see everything behind someone's actions and since we cannot see the intentions of people's hearts, true judgement is best left to God. May God grant those in the justice departme…