Holy week!

As we prepare to celebrate one of  Christianity's greatest mysteries, we are called to remember in a special way Christ's sufferings. Last Sunday, the priest in my local church said that the passion story of Jesus is the greatest story in the world and i whole heartedly agree with him!

Imagine having to share a drink with a person you know is going to betray you in just a shot while. Imagine having all your friends desert you and act like they do not know you! Imagine knowing that your suffering and death will break your mother's heart and leave her inconsolable. Imagine knowing that your sacrifice is treated with ingratitude by multitudes of your beloved!

We cannot even begin to know and comprehend what Jesus went through. Oh the anguish of his poor heart! No wonder he said "my soul is sorrowful unto death". His disciples may not have understood that and we definitely may not but the more i contemplate Christ's suffering, the more my soul is moved! There is no one who will and can ever love you as much as Jesus did. He laid down his life for you, while you were still a sinner! He will never give up on you as long as you still hold breath in your body! "You cannot appreciate the beauty of my mercy, until you experience the  misery of sin." Jesus is reaching out to you, what will your response be?


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