Absurdist philosophy

If you google the meaning of the world absurdism,  you get the definition "the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless, chaotic universe." Honestly the first time i read about this theory i was stunned and at a loss for words. (my thoughts were , you have to be kidding me!) I just cannot believe that someone could come up with such a "philosophy". In my opinion such a philosophy is ludicrous and dangerous to society!

You may not feel like it or believe it sometimes but you and i were meant for a purpose! You were never created by chance or accident and everything you have been through and are going through matters and has a purpose for your life! The moment you start believing such an absurd philosophy, seriously even the name comes from the word absurd, chaos will reign as it wants you to believe.

Some people may think that all life is meaningless and we go through some truly trying situations in life that test our limits. However the purpose for our lives becomes more evident when we find God. I encourage everyone to read a "purpose driven life" by Rick warren. He is just a man like you and me but he wrote a book that inspired me and will inspire you, i hope,  to find meaning in your life!

Do not ever let anyone or any situation make you feel like you are "worthless". Your existence serves the creator's divine plan, may he guide you on your path to fulfilling your true destiny. Amen .God bless you all!


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