Sexual abuse!

In the recent wake of so many sexual abuse scandals, including those involving the church, we need to take a closer look at our lives and re-evaluate them. I do not understand such an abhorrent thing especially when it involves innocent children! Its simply disgusting. I know we shouldn't judge other people as our judgements are imperfect but i just cant help but feel horrified at this kind of behavior!

I think the causes all come from broken family relationships, such issues always seen to stem from the family. The family (father, mother and children) was intended by God to be the basic building block of society and the church and ever since we start4ed destroying the traditional family (divorce ) and disregarding  family values , this has been the result.

We have children growing up being molested and this destroys and breaks their innocent spirits and they grow up and perpetuate the cycle. They end up feeling worthless and unloved and they pass this on to others. We need family healing and we need to revive the traditional family. Divorce has caused so much damage to our families and to society and we need to wake up and realize that! We already have a model for what a family should be in the holy family of Nazareth, may God grant you his love and peace through your families. May he bring healing and forgiveness to all broken homes around the world. Amen. God bless you all!


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