Am i my brother's keeper?

Stop for a moment and ponder the apathy of those words that Cain spoke to God when asked where his brother was! I recently read about nurses in Poland who abandoned an aborted baby which was still alive  and left it to die. They were so callous about it and in their minds had done nothing wrong! One of the  most ironic things about this is that medical professionals are supposed to help save lives and improve quality of life.

What happened to our consciences? We claim to be living in an enlightened age but behave worse than beasts. Shame on us! When many governments decided to legalize abortion to "protect" women and their right to choose, it was a dark day indeed for humanity. Killing unborn children is cold blooded murder but hey, its legal! When did we become so far gone that we would choose to look the other way when innocents were being murdered? And by their own mothers?

The millions of innocent lives and tons of innocent blood do cry out to God for vengeance and vengeance is his right! We are in the year of mercy as declared by Pope Francis I. Jesus is calling us to come through the door of mercy or we will not escape his justice. Part of mercy is learning to get up when you fall but having a strong resolve not to fall again! We have taken God's mercy for granted and spat in his face. If we will do this to the innocent, what next shall we do?

The earth is ripe for God's justice and if we will not trust in his mercy, we will be crushed by his justice! Jesus., i trust in you!


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