Self righteosness and snap judgments!

Sometime back, i was reading an article about a person who made a snap judgement about a couple who were trying to do something charitable but were being judged to be frauds. When the person on question found out about it, she was not even ashamed or didn't even apologize. People love to judge other people. We always have opinions about others and expect other people to fit into molds of what we think they should be.

We usually rush into making assumptions about situations and people's intentions but we have to realize and accept is that our judgement capacity is heavily flawed! As human beings, we are not perfect and thus our judgements are also imperfect!

Prejudice is a weakness we need to fight and as hard as it is we need to stop jumping to conclusions and be patient with people. We cannot see everything behind someone's actions and since we cannot see the intentions of people's hearts, true judgement is best left to God. May God grant those in the justice department his wisdom to carry out their duties fairly and without intimidation or favor. Amen


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