The consequence of sin and the need for cleansing / deliverance!

Many of us do not realize that our actions have consequences on not only ourselves, but also on our families and the society at large. I have been reading about family healing and deliverance recently and i learned that our actions in the family affect not only us, but those around us. Many of our problems stem from family dysfunction and we will not have peace until we are delivered and healed!

Sin cuts us off from the grace of God and invites the evil one in! God will of course never cease to send you his grace and to bless you. But when you are in a continual state of sin, God's grace is blocked from reaching you and is also blocked from reaching your family members as well! You and your family end up in a cycle of misfortune and suffering and this suffering can only be alleviated after special prayers of deliverance and healing.

It costs you nothing to pray for God's mercy and healing and ask him to forgive you your sins and the sins of your ancestors! God is always waiting for you to ask and he will definitely set you free for his yoke is light and he will carry your burdens for you! May God bring healing to you and your families! Amen

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