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Mentor children

I got some good advice from a priest in my local church about bringing up children in the family in his homily last sunday. He was advising parents and elder members of the family to mentor children in order to help mold them into responsible, balanced adults. That is actually what all parents and society at large wants!

It seems like these days, parents are too busy to "parent" their children. There is alot that a child needs besides materual things. We have seemed to focus on buying our kids nice things or the things we think they need and neglecting our duty and more than that, neglecting to love them. We cant just take care of the material things and leave our children to be raised by nannies or worse , televsion.

That little box called TV will honestly ruin children in case you are not careful about what they watch. When i was growing up, my parents always censored the programs we watched. I may not have liked it but i understand now why they did it. TV exposes children…

Shifting perceptions and attitudes

Human beings are very fickle indeed and many of us change our attitudes about someone or some thing on a whim. Today you think someone is great and tomorrow or even a few hours later, you cant stand the same person! Seriously? It is quite unbelievable to me but that is how many people behave.

Sometimes, our mood affects our perceptions and we feel that we find people especially abrasive or irrtiating but we must be carefiul not to let our mood affect how we treat people or push pur frustrations onto others. So you are having one of those mornings( the ones where you feel ike you want to curl up and be alone/ woke up on the wrong side), things seem to be going horribly for you and you cant seem to get anything done right!

We all have good days and bad  days but honestly, we have moe good days than bad days in a year. You need to make and effort to remain calm no matter the sitaution or how somebody behaves or how you feel! And do not let people's changing perceptions get to you, so…

Troubling times (world upheaval)

If we look at the headlines everyday, we are likely to suffer from anxiety and fear as we go throughout the day. Its enough to make someone breakdown! We are living in a constantly changing world and people are more and more frustrated by the false promises of their leaders to make theirl lives better. We are thus seeing and increase in the number of riots around the world and risking war and rebellion in the future!

While i do understand that we need to hold our leaders accountable, i have never been a believer in violence and the chaos it causes which only serves to bring misery and destruction and death! For centuries, humnas have waged wars but we never seem to learn from them! We are still living with the scars of the nuclear bombings in japan in 1945?( world war 2) and yet some "super powers" are still developing nuclear weapons covertly.

We are living in troublon times indeed but do not let it cause you unnecessary anxiety and fear! Live you life as peacefully as you …

Your mistakes do not define you!

Last week, i made a mistake at work that cost me my reputation at work and my boss lost some confidence in me over it. In all honesty, i did not handle the situation with a client well but i wish my boss ddidnt focus on that mistake and make his judgement based on that!

We all make mistakes, we have to use them as a learning point, not dwell on them. We have to accept that we are in fault and move on while remembering the lesson we learnt.  Some people may judge you for it and remind you of it but dont tlet them get you down. You made a mistake and you recognised that you made one and now you are moving on. Period.

You should not be defined by your mistakes. Your actions should have good intentions behnd them and thats what is important. Do your best in life, yes your absolute best, dont slack and God will do the rest! God bless you!