Troubling times (world upheaval)

If we look at the headlines everyday, we are likely to suffer from anxiety and fear as we go throughout the day. Its enough to make someone breakdown! We are living in a constantly changing world and people are more and more frustrated by the false promises of their leaders to make theirl lives better. We are thus seeing and increase in the number of riots around the world and risking war and rebellion in the future!

While i do understand that we need to hold our leaders accountable, i have never been a believer in violence and the chaos it causes which only serves to bring misery and destruction and death! For centuries, humnas have waged wars but we never seem to learn from them! We are still living with the scars of the nuclear bombings in japan in 1945?( world war 2) and yet some "super powers" are still developing nuclear weapons covertly.

We are living in troublon times indeed but do not let it cause you unnecessary anxiety and fear! Live you life as peacefully as you can, do not give in to hate and violence and embrace the diverstiy of world cultures. Respect yourself and resepct everyone around you. Lets promote the message of peace around the world, we all need it! May God give you his peace my bothers and sisters, Amen.

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