Shifting perceptions and attitudes

Human beings are very fickle indeed and many of us change our attitudes about someone or some thing on a whim. Today you think someone is great and tomorrow or even a few hours later, you cant stand the same person! Seriously? It is quite unbelievable to me but that is how many people behave.

Sometimes, our mood affects our perceptions and we feel that we find people especially abrasive or irrtiating but we must be carefiul not to let our mood affect how we treat people or push pur frustrations onto others. So you are having one of those mornings( the ones where you feel ike you want to curl up and be alone/ woke up on the wrong side), things seem to be going horribly for you and you cant seem to get anything done right!

We all have good days and bad  days but honestly, we have moe good days than bad days in a year. You need to make and effort to remain calm no matter the sitaution or how somebody behaves or how you feel! And do not let people's changing perceptions get to you, sometimes we need to let things go, dont take evrything too personally. I have a frame hanging in my home that says, "to be happy, you must not be too concerned with others". You will drive yourself crazy and make yourself sad if you worry about pleasing everyone, you cant! God bless you all!


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