Your mistakes do not define you!

Last week, i made a mistake at work that cost me my reputation at work and my boss lost some confidence in me over it. In all honesty, i did not handle the situation with a client well but i wish my boss ddidnt focus on that mistake and make his judgement based on that!

We all make mistakes, we have to use them as a learning point, not dwell on them. We have to accept that we are in fault and move on while remembering the lesson we learnt.  Some people may judge you for it and remind you of it but dont tlet them get you down. You made a mistake and you recognised that you made one and now you are moving on. Period.

You should not be defined by your mistakes. Your actions should have good intentions behnd them and thats what is important. Do your best in life, yes your absolute best, dont slack and God will do the rest! God bless you!

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