Mentor children

I got some good advice from a priest in my local church about bringing up children in the family in his homily last sunday. He was advising parents and elder members of the family to mentor children in order to help mold them into responsible, balanced adults. That is actually what all parents and society at large wants!

It seems like these days, parents are too busy to "parent" their children. There is alot that a child needs besides materual things. We have seemed to focus on buying our kids nice things or the things we think they need and neglecting our duty and more than that, neglecting to love them. We cant just take care of the material things and leave our children to be raised by nannies or worse , televsion.

That little box called TV will honestly ruin children in case you are not careful about what they watch. When i was growing up, my parents always censored the programs we watched. I may not have liked it but i understand now why they did it. TV exposes children to all sorts of things (violence, nudity, sex) at such a tender age and they are  not ready for such exposure. You need to preserve their innocence for as long as you possibly can.

Charity begins at home, so the saying goes. Your children first learn how to relate with others from the family and while some children can do their best to be their own person, family dysfunction causes dysfunction in all other relationships. We are responsible in a large part for the way our children turn out as adults. If we want our children to be loving, grounded, responsible adults then we have to show them how! May the holy family of Nazareth (Jesus, Mary and Joseph) be your model in family life. Amen.

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