Lies and ripples!

Last week i told a lie that left me feeling horrible and very uneasy! "Everybody lies", that's what we tell ourselves to feel better when we are being dishonest. We also think that there are so called "white" lies that are some what justified but lets not sugar coat it, a lie is a lie and is wrong!

While i do understand that some things are none of people's business but instead of lying we can decline to talk about them and say i do not want to talk about it or i wont speak about it. There are also certain sensitive circumstances and personal issues that shouldn't be discussed and we need to remember that you can destroy someone's reputation with your words.

Even half truths are not ok. Either say yes or no as Jesus said! Be straight with people and when the situation demands it, be silent and decline to talk about certain truths instead of lying. Its hard i know but you will have peace and no one will be hurt! May God guide you on the path to truth, Amen!

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