Living by the grace of Faith!

Last week, we had mass said in our home and the priest gave us a brief insight into his life story. He had to make a living for himself and pay for his education from the age of about 9 years. His father had separated with his mother a few years before and had got himself another woman. One day, his father and his new wife loaded up their property and left together for another town, leaving him and his siblings to fend for themselves.

He said he had to dig in the gardens or he would not have food and he had to do some odd jobs to get money to pay for his school fees. I for one was touched by his story. i know there are many people out there in unfortunate circumstances but he told us that God will never abandon you if you truly trust him. Have faith and take courage. Can you not see that it was God who raised him to where he is after his father abandoned him without a second thought? God will never abandon you!

He is now completing his university education and has built a house and re-united all his siblings and his father, whom he finally brought back home after many years. When he got the opportunity to study, he didn't have the money for lodging, for tuition and other things but he told all those things to Jesus in the blessed sacrament at adoration. When he arrived at the university he met a lady he knew and she said she would cater for his accommodation. He also later met a gentleman who said he would cover his tuition for the next semester.

God knows what we need even before we ask him but he wants us to approach him with confidence and trust. Why do you worry about food or clothing? It is human to worry but just leave it in God's hands and you will never want for anything. His story truly inspired me to live by the grace of faith. May God increase your faith in him everyday.


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