Blindness can take many forms...........

Last week in the Gospel, we are given the story of the blind man who was healed by Jesus. Physical blindness is a terrible affiliction but spiritual blindness is much worse and it can take many forms!

Often times we are blind to our own imperfections and focus on the perceived imperfections of others! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Why do we keep forgetting that? If we could only see ourselves in the mirror of God's light, oh how we would realize just how imperfect we are and just how much our actions affect other people.

There is also the blindness caused by selfishness! We hold people in contempt and do not permit our hearts to be moved by the suffering of others. Just like the crowd who tried to drown the blind man's plea, we shut or eyes and minds to the needs of others. How cold our hearts have become and we forget that the greatest poverty that exists is a heart devoid of love!

There will always be people trying to keep you down. Be like that poor wretch and shout even louder for God is waiting for you and he will reward a heart that perseveres! Lord, open my eyes that i may see my wretchdness and that i may see the needs of my brothers. Amen.


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